OLEA COMPOSER – T222 Inverter Starter Kit

  • All the hardware in one package
  • Enable the full stack product evaluation
  • OLEA® COMPOSER – T222 Board Features
  • OLEA® COMPOSER – Inverter Board Features
  • 3-phases PMSM Motor Features

Software bottleneck removal and design issues solving for high frequency control of hybrid and electric powertrain

  • Introduction
  • Software bottleneck issue with conventional solutions
  • Solving the design issues
  • Removing bottleneck software with FPCU
  • References

FPCU – New semiconductor architecture to boost HEV and EV systems

  • Automotive electrification trend
  • Seeking the best technology
  • Control systems in electrification applications
  • Conventional solutions are a mismatch
  • Removing bottleneck software with FPCU
  • FLU : A Robust Design
  • Case study example: 6 phases WRSM with safety critical design
  • Conclusion

OLEA® LIB Inverter Control

  • On-the-shelf algorithm contents optimized for OLEA®, boosting application performance with fast time-to-market enablement.
  • Build your own control
  • OLEA® LIB System – Inverter Control Features
  • OLEA® LIB Algorithm Features
  • OLEA® LIB Math Features


  • Seamless development and calibration framework taking full advantages of OLEA® technologies.
  • Changing developers’ life
  • Model in the Loop
  • Software in the Loop
  • Hardware in the Loop

OLEA® T222

  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Control
  • One of a kind
  • Featuring
  • A full stack product offer
  • Everything needed is there