OLEA® COMPOSER – T222 Starter Kit for SKAI3 LV inverter

A jump start solution for 10kW-50kW / 24V-160V PMSM and WRPM electric motor control using the best of Silicon Mobility’s OLEA® technologies with SEMIKRON SKAI® 3 LV inverter module.

The starter kit includes:

  • OLEA® T222 FPCU based reference control board
  • OLEA® APP INVERTER Pre-flashed
  • Vehicle Dependent Software demo code
  • Post build measurement, configuration,
  • calibration and firmware update GUI software.
  • User’s guide for fast setup


  • Application for the Control of Inverter/e-Motor Delivering the Highest Energy Efficiency
  • The most advanced control algorithms
  • Adaptive PWM Control
  • Soft-Switching – Real-Time Control
  • Key Deliverables


  • OLEA® T222 FPCU is a member of the OLEA family for safe and real-time automotive control solutions.
  • HEV and EV Powertrain Control
  • Block Diagram
  • Features


  • Seamless development and calibration framework of tools, software and evaluation boards for OLEA® FPCU
  • Model in the Loop
  • Software in the Loop
  • Hardware in the Loop


  • Rich collection of advanced software and algorithms optimized for OLEA® FPCU, boosting application performance.
  • Build your own control
  • OLEA® LIB System Features
  • OLEA® LIB Algorithm Features
  • OLEA® LIB Math Features

OLEA COMPOSER – T222 Inverter Starter Kit

  • All the hardware in one package
  • Enable the full stack product evaluation
  • OLEA® COMPOSER – T222 Board Features
  • OLEA® COMPOSER – Inverter Board Features
  • 3-phases PMSM Motor Features

Software bottleneck removal and design issues solving for high frequency control of hybrid and electric powertrain

  • Introduction
  • Software bottleneck issue with conventional solutions
  • Solving the design issues
  • Removing bottleneck software with FPCU
  • References

FPCU – New semiconductor architecture to boost HEV and EV systems

  • Automotive electrification trend
  • Seeking the best technology
  • Control systems in electrification applications
  • Conventional solutions are a mismatch
  • Removing bottleneck software with FPCU
  • FLU : A Robust Design
  • Case study example: 6 phases WRSM with safety critical design
  • Conclusion