Tackling key challenges of e-motors

OEMs are striving to increase the efficiency of the e-motor/inverter by tackling many challenges:

  • Deliver a high-efficiency all across the eMotor torque/speed operating range
  • Deliver a wider operating range with higher torque and speed range
  • Deliver more power with less rare earth material and with less costs
  • Reduce the transmission / speed reducer needs and costs
  • Rapid fault detection and response time assuring highest levels of safety for the consumer

Our Solution for Inverter

We offer a full stack solution to address the e-motor/inverter control application with a powerful system-on-chip and application:

  • OLEA® FPCU – Safe, real-time and automotive qualified system-on-chip solution which enables advanced control algorithms
  • OLEA® COMPOSER – Model-based application development and calibration framework for OLEA® FPCU
  • OLEA® LIB – Rich collection of advanced software and control algorithms optimized for the OLEA® FPCU
  • OLEA® APP INVERTER – Scalable software platform for automotive inverter and e-motor control application optimized for the OLEA® FPCU
  • OLEA® APP INVERTER HE – High efficiency inverter and e-motor control application based on Optimized Pulse Patterns modulation optimized for the OLEA® FPCU

Key Benefits

  • Software flexibility and modularity enabling development of inverter/e-motor control platform
  • Support 48V to +800V for HEV and EV
  • Support any MOSFET, IGBT, SiC or GaN based inverters​
  • 100% Model based design accessible as source code
  • High efficiency and performance with OLEA® APP INVERTER HE
    • Up to 20% of energy gain with reduction of switching losses in inverter and reduction of iron losses and coper losses in e-motor
    • Up to 30% of e-motor torque/speed range increase
    • Up to 50% BoM reduction compare to performance equivalent solutions