Increase the energy efficiency of Electric and Hybrid vehicles

Silicon Mobility's OLEA® solution is the one stop shop for addressing the critical needs for building automotive control systems.
The OLEA® Solution includes state of the art hardware and application software that can be easily integrated into inverter, DC-DC and OBC control subsystems, improving the efficiency of all key components of the electrical power-train resulting in an increased vehicle range of upto 30% in EV/HEV/PHEVs. The OLEA® solution reduces the overall BOM costs by upto 50%, without any compromises whatsoever on the overall performance


15% energy over the VBUS DCDC
1 MHz control-loop processing
Soft switching
Bidirectional power flow


1 MHz control-loop processing
Soft switching
Enabling Bidirectional power flow for the auxiliary supply and 12-volt battery


10% energy gain
500 kHz control-loop processing
Enabling bidirectional power flow with V2G

inverter control

20% energy gain over the inverter and eMotor
APC: Adaptative PWM control
12-volt to 800 volt xEV Motor control support

DC-DCControl DC-DCControl DC-DCControl OBCCharger InverterControl DC 12 V AC~220V DC ~ 48V / 700 V DC ~ 12V

INVERTER for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

OLEA® APP INVERTER HE is an inverter control application providing Electric and Hybrid Vehicle a huge improvement in energy efficiency. OLEA® APP INVERTER HE eliminates the energy losses and increases the e-Motor operating range generating 20% of energy gain

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DC-DC for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

OLEA® APP DC-DC HE is a DC- DC control application that adjusts the direct current (DC) voltage from the battery to the voltage suitable for the e-Motor. OLEA® APP DC-DC HE eliminates the energy losses generating 15% of energy gain

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ON BOARD CHARGER for Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

OLEA® APP OBC HE is an On Board Charger control application that convert Alternating Current (AC) from a wall socket to direct current (DC) for the battery. OLEA® APP OBC reduces the switching losses, transistor heating and conduction losses to deliver 10% of energy gain which directly translate into a reduction of 10% of the battery charging time.

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