Increase the energy efficiency of Electric and Hybrid vehicles

Silicon Mobility's OLEA® solution is the one stop shop for addressing the critical needs for building automotive control systems.
The OLEA® Solution includes state of the art hardware and application software that can be easily integrated into inverter, DC-DC and OBC control subsystems, improving the efficiency of all key components of the electrical power-train resulting in an increased vehicle range of upto 30% in EV/HEV/PHEVs. The OLEA® solution reduces the overall BOM costs by upto 50%, without any compromises whatsoever on the overall performance


Multiphase power stages topology
Independent control loop per phase and more…


Higher Current and Power Density
Si / SiC / GaN @ 500 kHz switching
Enabling V2G bidirectional
power flow and more…

inverter control

3, 6, 8, 12 phases, PMSM, WRSM, PMSRM
Reduction of current ripple
Reduction of eMotor torque ripple
Ideal control loop and more...

DC / DCControl DC / DCControl DC / DCControl OBCCharger InverterControl DC 12 V AC~220V DC ~ 48V / 700 V DC ~ 12V

INVERTER for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

OLEA® APP INVERTER HE is an inverter control application providing Electric and Hybrid Vehicle a huge improvement in energy efficiency. OLEA® APP INVERTER HE eliminates the energy losses and increases the e-Motor operating range generating 20% of energy gain

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DC-DC for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

OLEA® APP DC-DC HE is a DC- DC control application that adjusts the direct current (DC) voltage from the battery to the voltage suitable for the e-Motor. OLEA® APP DC-DC HE eliminates the energy losses generating 15% of energy gain

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ON BOARD CHARGER for Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

OLEA® APP OBC HE is an On Board Charger control application that convert Alternating Current (AC) from a wall socket to direct current (DC) for the battery. OLEA® APP OBC reduces the switching losses, transistor heating and conduction losses to deliver 10% of energy gain which directly translate into a reduction of 10% of the battery charging time.

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