The OLEA® APP INVERTER HE is a Silicon Mobility application providing a turnkey High Efficiency Inverter control including the Adaptive PWM Control (APC) and FOC/SVPWM algorithms optimized for the OLEA® T222 FPCU semiconductor.

The OLEA® APP INVERTER HE is a comprehensive suite of software components which includes :

  •  Inverter Application and Safety  software components (ASW)
  •  Inverter Complex Device Drivers (CDD)
  •  Basic Software components.(BSW)

Key Benefits :

  • Safe and Highly Efficient Inverter and eMotor Control
    • Up to 20% energy gain
      • Reduction of switching losses in Inverter up to 70%
      • Reduction of  Iron losses and copper losses in eMotor
    • 30% eMotor torque/speed range increase
    • 50% BoM reduction compared to performance equivalent solutions
    • ASIL-D ISO 26262 design
  • Support for various motor types

Key Features


The OLEA® APP inverter HE  offers high level of flexibility to match a wider range of targeted motor characteristics including, but not limited to:

  • Rotor type: Wounded rotor or Permanent magnet motor
  • Number of pair poles
  • Number of phase currents acquisitions
  • The motor voltage (from low voltage 12 volts to high-voltage > 400 volts)
  • The position sensor types (Resolver, Hall-effect )

Innovative control algorithms

  • High frequency Field Oriented Control (FoC) loop from 50kHz up to 250 kHz
  • Adaptive PWM Control (APC) based on electrical angle with optimized PWM patterns minimizing current harmonics and optimizing e-motor efficiency map directly resulting in extension of the e-motor optimal range
  • Soft switching of power switches to reduce transistor switching losses

System Benefits

Adaptive PWM control(APC) – Up to 20% energy gain & 30% of eMotor operating range extension

Unlike conventional MCU/DSP based solutions, the OLEA® solutions innovative Adaptive PWM Control (APC) delivers a variable PWM frequency to the inverter, dependent on the current load, electric motor angle, and inverter/motor thermal characteristics. This in turn reduces the switching of the power transistors, resulting in overall lower power consumption and increased efficiency.

Advanced algorithms

By optimizing the different operating points, our inverter control solution can increase the scope of the optimal operating points, resulting in a highly optimized efficiency map. To achieve this, OLEA APP INVERTER HE control system implements innovative modulations schemes  according to the angle, power and speed of the eMotor.

  • ONR: Overmodulation with Noise Reduction – Increasing the speed range in the “constant torque” area. The harmonics generated as a consequence of the overmodulation are suppressed  with our optimized PWM patterns.
  • SHE: Selective Harmonic Emulation – Optimizing middle speed and high speed to reduce iron losses
  • VPC: Volltage Based Compensation – Optimizing high speed to extend the operating range. The Voltage Phase compensation allows a better electrical angle position estimation to enable a operating range extension.

For the inverter, the Electrical Angle and Power based modulation of the APC allows Switching Event reductions and switching losses reduction of up to 70%.

Soft Switching – Real time control

Soft-switching prevents power transistor’s voltage and current signals to overlap. This reduces switching losses, transistor heating and conduction losses and deliver wide-bandgap performances regardless of the power technology in use.

Soft-switching algorithms enables a x5 switching frequency increase to extend the eMotor operating range while cancelling power transistor’s losses.

Soft-switching enables doubling of current rating  to reduce transistor size and cost by a factor of 2.

Key Deliverables

We deliver a complete package including :

  • Inverter Application (ASW), Complex Device Drivers, and Safety software
  • Evaluation boards and OLEA® T222 INVERTER STARTER KIT
  • Safety work products
  • Reference designs
  • Consultation with our in-house experts throughout the customer design cycle

Compliance with AUTOMOTIVE Standards 

A Fully automotive qualified solution supporting a wide range of motors and phases

  • OLEA® FPCU –  AEC-Q100 Qualified
  • Manufacturing based on a ISO-TS16949 Foundry
  • Design framework & tooling compatible with the Automotive ecosystem and the AUTOSAR requirements