Save 20+% energy in eMotor/Inverter*

With OLEA® , only 80% of the energy will be required for the same function
Using Variable PWM Frequency (VPF) algorithm
Using high speed stepped control of the eMotor

*Simulation results, WLTP cycle. Energy gain: Difference in KWh of the energy required for the function using Silicon Mobility solution and the same function using conventional solution

Variable PWM Frequency

Unlike conventional MCUs/DSPs based solutions, OLEA® enables the implementation of Variable PWM frequency which reduces the number of power transistor switching events based on current load, electric motor angle and inverter / e-motor thermal time constants.

Variable PWM frequency increases the output power of the inverter by at least 35% and up to 50% when reducing the switching frequency from 20KHz to 10KHz.

Control Speed and Stepped Commands

Unlike conventional MCUs/DSPs based solutions, OLEA® can support very high frequency control-loop to limit torque ripples, current ripples and losses of the electric motor.
It’s then recommended to control the eMotor with stepped Commands, which at High Speed frequency will
deliver a higher power and a better efficiency than conventional “FullWave” commands

Inverter current rating will be further improved with OLEA®:
using soft-switching

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