Exciting News Ahead – OLEA U Series

Join us next week as we unveil our latest roadmap featuring the OLEA U Series – the new Field Programmable Control Units (FPCUs), a cutting-edge system-on-chip designed to be the pulsing heart of the control units in the reshaped vehicle architecture.

During this webinar, we will delve into the FPCU architecture and reveal the exciting new features of the OLEA U FPCU series so don’t miss out and join us for a free webinar on Tuesday, October 3rd, at 14:45 PM CEST / 8:45 AM EDT. 


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Let’s break down what will be discussed in this session:

Breaking the Boundaries: Silicon Mobility invented the Field Programmable Control Unit (FPCU), a revolutionary system-on-chip designed to revolutionize automotive control. And now, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the 2nd generation – the OLEA U FPCU series.

Unleash the Power: Enabling real-time, safe, and secure multi-application control with advanced algorithms driven by edge A.I, the OLEA U Series solves multiple bottlenecks in today’s and tomorrow’s automotive industry needs.

What’s Inside?: Join our webinar to learn what’s at the heart of the FPCU architecture and uncover the cutting-edge features of the OLEA U Series, including:

  • Advanced eXecution and Events Control (AxEC 2.0)
  • Safety Integrity Level agent (SILant 2.0)
  • Flexible Hardware Security Module (FHSM)
  • Multi-core CPU and virtualization

PS: OLEA U Series is more than just a chip; it’s a scalable series of FPCUs enabling a common software and E/E architecture, ready to revolutionize diverse applications while saving time and resources.

Don’t miss this opportunity to register now and be at the forefront of innovation.

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