The OLEA® APP OBC HE is a software application, optimized for OLEA FPCU, for DC-DC converter control. It provides a high efficiency energy conversion with high frequency control loop and switching, soft switching and phase shedding.

Key Benefits :

  • Up to 10% energy gain
    • Reduction of switching and conduction losses in the power module
  • 50% BOM reduction on the requested power transistor and passive components
  • Up to 1MHz control supporting size and weight reduction up to a factor 10 (Power density improvement by factor 10)
  • ASIL-B ISO 26262 design
  • Support for various OBC topologies

Key Features


The OLEA® APP OBC HE is flexible enough to match the targeted OBC converter topology. Some of the key system features include, but not limited to:

  • Number of phases
  • Charger mode or Inverter mode
  • Buck-Boost
  • Circuit breaker control
  • AC Input configurable : AC 3 phases with support for dual phase and single phase with or without neutral
  • Support for 50Hz./60Hz.
  • Wide DC output voltage range: from 200V to 800V

Innovative control algorithms

  • High frequency Independent current control loop up to 1 MHz
  • Soft-switching of power switches to reduce transistor switching losses and to improve the current rating
  • Independent current control loop

Unique Control Algorithms

Parallel control of the Phases

The OLEA® APP OBC HE  leverages the  FPCU parallel architecture to achieve independent  DC-DC phase current control. The independent current control enables higher efficiency and reliability of the OBC control systems,

Phase Shedding and load management with smooth activation and deactivation of phases

The OLEA® OBC application implements an innovative phase shedding/adding mechanism, which dynamically controls the different phases, based on the current load.The Phase shedding/adding control dynamically triggers a smooth activation and deactivation of the phases to maximize the efficiency across the current range and load in the system configurable with programmable threshold currents in each phases.

Soft Switching

Soft-switching prevents power transistor’s voltage and current signals to overlap. This reduces switching losses, transistor heating and conduction losses and deliver wide-bandgap performances regardless of the power technology in use.Soft-switching algorithms enables a x5 switching frequency increase to extend the eMotor operating range while cancelling power transistor’s losses.Soft-switching enables doubling of current rating to reduce transistor size and cost by a factor of 2


Key Deliverables

We deliver a complete package including :

  • OBC Application (ASW), Complex Device Drivers, and Safety software
  • Safety work products
  • Reference designs
  • Evaluation boards
  • Consultation with our in-house experts throughout the customer design cycle

Compliance with AUTOMOTIVE Standards

Fully automotive qualified solution supporting a wide variety of OBC topology

  • OLEA® FPCU –  AEC-Q100 Qualified
  • Manufacturing based on a ISO-TS16949 Foundry
  • Design framework & tooling compatible with the Automotive ecosystem and the AUTOSAR requirements