OLEA APP T222 INVERTER is now fully ASIL-D compliant and certified, ensuring a highly safe and secure e-motor control application software.

OLEA APP INVERTER is a motor control application software for OLEA T222 FPCU (our chip, also ASIL-D certified), enabling best-in-class control of electrified powertrains. Built as a software platform to control a wide variety of technologies and topologies, OLEA APP INVERTER allows high-performance, real-time, and safe control of advanced power electronics and electric motors.

We are proud to offer a one-of-a-kind solution in the automotive sector: the OLEA APP INVERTER and OLEA T222 FPCU, both ASIL-D certified and fully developed in-house. This system-on-chip combination empowers carmakers to deliver enhanced performance, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

The safety work products include certification reports, safety manuals, and FMEDA (Failure
Modes, Effects, and Diagnostic Analysis) tooling.


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