The struggle against global warming and pollutant emissions is a major stake for our future.

The whole automotive industry turns to electrification.

New comers change the rules by introducing appealing and long range electric vehicles.

Established car makers are evolving rapidly their fuel-based vehicles with electrification of the powertrain, so-called hybridization.

Cars electrification range from Micro to Mild, Full
and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles to pure Electric Vehicles.

Whatever the configuration, they are all using an electric motor and a dedicated battery, with different power, size and capability.

Actual usage of electric motor in cars has proven its efficiency in regards to CO2 and pollutant emissions… and this is only the beginning!

Increasing the Energy Efficiency of Electric and Hybrid vehicles
by 50%-70%

Silicon Mobility technologies and products break the software limitations of conventional solution improving all key components of the electrified powertrain
battery range / battery charging speed
electric motor efficiency / weight and size
electric power conversion efficiency / weight and size
in the context of the "real life" / newly implemented WLTP testing procedures.

FPCU - Field Programmable Control Unit

Field Programmable Control Unit beats conventional Solutions in data processing, fault reaction times, power consumption and heat dissipation.
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Accelerates x40 data processing of
real-time functions
Software bottlenecks removal
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Insures x1000 faster ASIL-D faults reaction time
Safe and deterministic execution

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+20% energy gain on eMotor/Inverter
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+15% energy gain on DC/DC

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+10% energy gain on OBC

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