The struggle against global warming and pollutant emissions is a major stake for our future.

The automotive industry as a whole is fully committed to electrification. New comers are deeply penetrating the market by introducing appealing electric vehicles while established car makers are evolving rapidly their range of branded fuel-based vehicles with multiple flavors of hybridization and pure electric motor operated cars.

Whatever the type of hybridization, Micro, Mild, Full or Plug-in Full hybrid cars, similarly to pure Electric Vehicles, all are using electric motors and batteries. They only differ in type, power, size and capability.

Actual usage of electric motor in cars has proven its efficiency in regards to CO2 and pollutant emissions. It’s only the beginning. By 2025, market projections established more than 75% of cars will be equipped with eMotors.

Silicon Mobility disruptive technologies and products act at the very heart of the control of eMotors and batteries. Energy efficiency is increased by removing limitations and software bottleneck. Safety is improved in dramatically accelerating detection of failures. Applied on key components of the electrification chain, the resulting benefits directly translate into battery range extension, battery and eMotor weight, size and heat reduction, battery charging speed and electric power savings.

FPCU - Field Programmable Control Unit

A single semiconductor combining a flexible and parallel hardware architecture coupled to a standard CPU and surrounded by ASIL-D level safety
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Hardware flexible, hard real-time and data processing unit for deterministic control of actuators and sensors. Automotive grade embedded programmable logic with data signal processing capabilities.
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Functional safety acceleration unit for detecting, containing, correcting and protecting against system faults.
ISO 26262 ASIL-D compliant
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48V Mild-Hybrid eMotor control using OLEA

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AC/DC Charger control using OLEA

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