Enables a one stage development process and allows for an at least 3 to 4 fold reduction of development times with OLEA® APP, Silicon Mobility application optimization offering fitting your system including:

  • On-the-shelf OLEA® T222 FPCU, OLEA® LIB System, OLEA® COMPOSER AUTOSAR low level software, evaluation board schematics and pre-defined application software.
  • Customization to port and adapt the application to customer choice of power stage topology, eMotor , Basic Software platform and ISO 26262 requirements.
  • Support with expertise in board development, bring-up and validation during all phases of customer’s system design, development, testing and validation.

A complementary approach for rapid A-Sample to B-Sample ECUs design

    OLEA® APP is a customization design and Silicon Mobility’s technology integration service to support rapid ECU designs

    OLEA® APP is available for Inverter, DC/DC and On-Board Charger application developments which require AUTOSAR 4.3 and ISO 26262 up to ASIL-D compliancy.

    OLEA® APP covers all aspect of ECU design, testing, validation and vehicle integration including:

  • Low Voltage Control board
  • High Voltage Power board
  • AUTOSAR Basic Software Integration
  • Application Software customization

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A modular offer enabling Build-to-Print business model

Building an ECU at A/B-Sample level readiness has never been so straight forward with OLEA® APP. The table below shows an example of the off-the-shelf contents that Silicon Mobility will provide to complement the technology and know-how of customer.

The modular approach of OLEA® APP enables a Build to Print business model with OEMs or system’s developer organizations who are looking for validate new systems up to A or B-sample level before transferring their design to their preferred Tier1 or EMS for C-Sample development before volume production.

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