Save 15+% energy in DC/DC*

With OLEA® , only 85% of the energy will be required for the same function
Using phase shedding
Using independent control loop

*Simulation results, WLTP cycle. Energy gain: Difference in KWh of the energy required for the function using Silicon Mobility solution and the same function using conventional solution

Phase shedding and Independent Control Loop

Unlike conventional MCUs/DSPs based solutions, OLEA® achieves a significant energy saving on the DCDC conversion in transient and steady state by first allowing phase shedding over multiple phases according to the current load and second, allowing independent phase current control at 1MHz frequency. Conventional solutions are limited to a slow single control loop for all un-shedded phases.

Yield drops are removed

Ripple are removed

DCDC current rating will be further improved with OLEA®
Using soft-switching

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