A Bold Mission

Powertrain Electrification
Removing the biggest current road block

Autonomous Driving
Providing the crucial nerves

Current control devices and “software approaches“ (MCUs, CPUs, DSPs) do not fulfill the requirements of high level automotive applications such Drivetrain/Powertrain Control, ADAS, Autonomous driving and Domain Computing in terms of Architecture, Real Time-Control, Determinism, Safety and Software independence, even in the context of multicore/multi device approaches.
Their sequential Control Architectures with control loops / reaction times at the millisecond level must be replaced by parallel and local deterministic architectures operating at the microsecond level.

SILICON MOBILITY's vision is therefore to remove the biggest road blocks for the large-scale implementation of those applications through capitalizing on its patented technologies related to flexible, real-time, deterministic and safe architectures and process control.

THE FPCU WAS BORN – OLEA is its name!

Applied to Car Electrification as a 1st step

Silicon Mobility’s products control
Electric Motors, Battery Charging and
Power Conversion Systems

of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles.

Silicon Mobility’s technologies improve the efficiency/Performance of electric powertrains, help reduce substantially their size, weight, heat and cost, improve their battery range, assure zero-defect control.

Together with substantial energy benefits, OEMs can enjoy numerous economic advantages through the usage of OLEA, in particular savings, significant, at BOM level and a large footprint and heat reduction that leads directly to the increase of quality and durability.

Furthermore, the software and hardware programmability offered by the technology radically reduces the OEMs development cycles and eases calibration, maintenance and re-usability. As a highly-appreciated implication, the control of e-motors and batteries becomes therefore not only updatable and upgradable during development time but also during product life.

Finally, Silicon Mobility’s technology is open as it uses widely available and licensable processor core technology (eg ARM®) and comes with a unique design flow, seamless and homogeneous, and a full software stack that enable OEMs to accelerate time-to-market, reduce development cost and take back value by accelerating the adoption and the implementation of a “Built-to-Print” business model.

Beyond Powertrain Electrification Silicon Mobility’s road map encompasses its deployment into the broader Electrification (Steer by wire, EPS, braking, etc) and the CPU centralization in the car area, in particular with regard to Autonomous driving, ADAS data fusion and domain control on which our Deterministic Safe Real-Time Technology acts as the nervous system of the car.

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