A complete and modular Silicon Carbide (SiC) inverter


CISSOID and Silicon Mobility have partnered to introduce a complete and modular Silicon Carbide (SiC) inverter reference design, providing customers with an innovative and customizable solution for electric motor drives up to 350kW/850V. The reference design includes a high voltage SiC-based power module, integrated Gate Driver board, Control board, DC and phase current sensors, DC link capacitor and EMI filtering together with integrated liquid cooling, and Silicon Mobility’s ultra-fast and safe OLEA T222 FPCU.
With this new solution, customers no longer have to spend time developing all the hardware and integrating with third-party software, or settling for an off-the-shelf inverter without the ability to fully customize for their application requirements. Instead, they have access to a complete SiC inverter reference design with a license to use Silicon Mobility’s OLEA APP INVERTER control software and design their own software application on top of it.
This compact, efficient, and ultra-safe design provides flexibility and customization options to customers, allowing them to purchase the entire inverter Bill-of-Material (BOM) or just the SiC Intelligent Power Module (IPM) and Control Board, and integrate it into their motor drive system prior to moving to production. CISSOID will also provide technical support to ensure seamless integration into the end-application.



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