1st ever Field Pogrammable Control Unit

OLEA® is Silicon Mobility’s family of standard FPCU products for automotive applications.

OLEA® embeds Silicon Mobility’s unique technologies :

  • AMEC®, hardware flexible interface for real-time data processing and deterministic control of actuators and sensors
  • SILant®, functional safety acceleration unit for detecting, containing, correcting and protecting against system faults.

Key Facts

  • Unprecedented Flexibility, Software & Hardware, in one chip
  • Parallel processing managing simultaneous events in less than 1us response time
  • Up to 60 Giga Operations / Sec data signal processing
  • Allow the adoption of new technologies for fuel economy and emission reduction without redesign
  • Strengthen functional safety applications
  • Drastic reduction of bill of materials
  • Upgradable On the Fly and Over the Air

Open - Standard – Ready to use

  • ARM based standard cores
  • ISO 26262 ASIL-D and AUTOSAR 4.2 compliance
  • Fully standard EDA based tool-chain

Micro / Mild / Full Hybrid - Electric Engine Control

  • Belt Starter – Generator
  • Integrated Starter - Generator
  • Crankshaft Driven Motor – Generator
  • Gearbox Driven Motor – Generator
  • In wheel Motor
  • Axle Electric Drive Control

Powertrain, Transmission and Chassis

  • Diesel / Gasoline Internal Combustion Engine
  • Transmission
  • Battery Management System
  • Exhaust / Selective Catalystic Reduction

OLEA® product family is ranged across number of cores, embedded memory size, AMEC® size and packages. The family is organized to enable platform design. With same package and pin-out, designers can increase embedded memory to extend application capabilities, or increase the programmable logic size to increase DSP capability and custom control logic resources.

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1 to 3 ARM® Cortex-R5F with 2 in lockstep

Real-Time / Flexible

AMEC® FLU, Real-time actuators/sensors control and processing based on programmable logic for EURO 6/7 compliance


SILant®, ASIL-D ISO 26262 functional safety solution

Core Processing

Up to 350 MHz operating frequency

Up to 2600 DMIPS / 295 WMIPS

AMEC® processing and control

Up to 256 timer channels

3K to 11K Logic Elements with 32x24-bit SPU

Up to 60 GOp/s


Up to 8 MB Flash / 512 KB RAM / 12.5ns access time

Product Table

Name Cores AMEC® SILant® Mem. Size Package Availability Download
1 x Cortex R5F Lockstep
20 x 24 bits SPU
Yes 2 MB QFP 100
QFP 144
QFP 176
OLEA T444-1008 2 x Cortex R5F Lockstep
20 x 24 bits SPU
Yes 4 MB QFP 176
BGA 292
In Dev
OLEA T568-1011 3 x Cortex R5F Lockstep
32 x 24 bits SPU
Yes 8 MB BGA 292
BGA 516
In Dev

A wide eco-system of tools, software and hardware is available from Silicon Mobility or third parties for fast application design start. Technical manuals, test reports, PPAP documentation and ISO 26262 safety work products package are also available.

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