Algorithm-based software optimized for OLEA® FPCU

The OLEA®️ LIB is packaged into complementary building blocks that offer incremental levels of performance and contents based on customer and application needs. The library contents come as reference and target models for MATLAB and Simulink. Models out of OLEA®️ LIB are directly usable within OLEA®️ COMPOSER for MiL simulations and automatic code generation.

Key Benefits

Boosted performance: The OLEA®️ LIB software and algorithms  has been  optimized for OLEA®️ FPCU and takes all the benefits of the hardware resources and accelerators available (mathematical units, DSP functions and standard peripherals) to deliver the highest achievable performance and integration. 

Shorten development times : By using OLEA®️ LIB , developers drastically reduce the time required to develop,  optimize, test and calibrate their algorithm’s on OLEA®️ FPCU. Each function in the library is configurable upon multiple parameters and is fully integrated into OLEA®️ COMPOSER Target Framework.

Libraries Content

- Coordinate Rotation DIgital Computing engine
- Division operator
- Square Root operator
- Matrix Multiplier
- Clarke current transform Park current transform
- Decoupling and Flux Weakening
- Inverse Park / Clarke voltage
- Space Vector Modulation PWMID/IQ Regulations
- Motor Speed Regulation
- Tracking loop position estimator(Magnetic Resistive, Resolver…)
- Sensorless position estimation (Start-up/Low-speed /High speed)
- Buck-Boost DC/DC regulation
Inverter Control System Function
- Inverter Control for PMSM or WRSM motors based on field
- Field oriented control and space vector modulation algorithms.

DC-DC Converter Control system functions
- Buck-Boost Valley Current Control function
- Supporting up to 6 DC/DC converters in parallel.