Seamless development and calibration framework

OLEA®️ COMPOSER provides support for:
  • All stages of vehicle design cycle including MiL, SiL and HiL design and simulation
  • Industry standard EDA tools used in design, simulation, debug and verification of the hardware
  • Automatic C and HDL code generation for OLEA®️ FPCU
  • Real-time variables/parameters setting for debug and calibration

Key Benefits

Rapid development and integration : With the evaluation boards and tools, the customer can rapidly develop model in the loop (MIL) and the associated Software optimized for the OLEA®️ FPCU  and seamlessly transition to a production ready system.

High Efficiency : OLEA®️ COMPOSER supports industry standard EDA tools coupled with Silicon Mobility’s technology for best efficiency

Time to Market : Shorten the development time and get to Market faster

Key Components

  • OLEA®️ COMPOSER – T222 Target Framework: A framework driving the model-based development steps from the theoretical model to the FPCU target porting. Comes as plugin for MATLAB Simulink and support from simulations and auto code generation down to the binary generations and equivalence checking.
  • OLEA®️ COMPOSER – AGILIS Precision RTL: Mentor Graphics’s based RTL synthesis tool combined with AGILIS Place & Route tool for HDL to Bitstream generation.
  • OLEA®️ COMPOSER – T222 Virtual Prototyping Model: System C model of OLEA®️ T222 FPCU for Software in the Loop (SIL) simulation
  • OLEA®️ COMPOSER – T222 AMEC RTL Simulation Models RTL model of AMEC®️ FLU interface of OLEA® FPCU for cycle accurate simulation and in-depth real-time debug and tuning.
  • OLEA®️ COMPOSER – T222 MCAL: AUTOSAR 4.3 Compliant drivers for OLEA®️ FPCU
  • OLEA®️ COMPOSER – T222 Starter Kit: OLEA®️ T222  FPCU Board + Software Design Kit + Flash downloader
  • OLEA®️ COMPOSER – T222 Inverter Starter Kit: OLEA®️ T222 FPCU Board + Inverter Power Board + 24 volt motors for a rapid inverter project jump start

 The OLEA®️ COMPOSER toolkit can be made available as a bundle or any standalone component.

Target Models Toolbox

Toolbox for MATLAB/Simuling including target models for fast and seamless reference/theoritical model porting to OLEA®️ T222 FPCU with pre-defined CPU / AMEC communication protocol.

  • Simultaneous C and HDL automatic code generation from MATLAB/Simulink. The generated code is directly usable as an AUTOSAR Complex Device Driver
  • All AMEC®️ FLU hardware resources available as target models (ADC, PWM, Timers, CWG, PIO)
  • Automatic generation of the CPU / AMEC communication link using embedding DPRAM resource
  • Definition of variables/parameters to be used for validation/calibration

Evaluation and Development Boards

Several evaluation and development boards are available for OLEA®️ T222 FPCU.

OLEA®️ T222 FPCU Starter Kit :

A complete package which includes OLEA®️ T222 FPCU based development boards, software and documentation for quick application design. Available with the 176 pins or 100 pins packages versions of OLEA®️ T222 FPCU.

OLEA®️ T222 FPCU INVERTER Starter Kit :

A complete package which includes OLEA®️ T222 FPCU Starter Kit + Inverter board + 24 Volts -196 Watts 3-phase PMSM motor + OLEA®️ APP INVERTER HE for inverter application development