On-the-shelf algorithm contents optimized for OLEA®, boosting application performance with fast time-to-market enablement..

  • Cutting edge HEV and EV Inverter control systems
  • Configurable and customizable complex algorithms
  • x40 computation speed improvement on advanced mathematical and computation functions
  • Complete functions design and development in minutes with full integration into OLEA® COMPOSER

Libraries Description

OLEA® LIB is a library of advanced software optimized for OLEA® and dedicated for the control of Hybrid (HEV) and Electric Vehicles (EV). OLEA® LIB is packaged into three levels of integration selectable upon the application needs. Libraries comes as building blocks available as Reference and Target Models Toolbox for MATLAB Simulink, or as HDL pre-defined blocks, and tuned for best used of AMEC FLU. Models out of OLEA® LIB are directly usable within OLEA® COMPOSER for MiL simulations and automatic code generation. By using OLEA® LIB, developer's reduce drastically the time required to optimize algorithm's porting on OLEA® while improving drastically performance, quality and safety of their system

  • OLEA® LIB Target : Acquisition/Actuation and Calibration resources

  • OLEA® LIB Math : Accelerated Mathematical Functions

  • OLEA® LIB Algo : Specialized and Enhanced Algorithms

  • OLEA® LIB System : Efficient System Functions

Libraries Content

Inverter Control (FoC)

DC/DC Converter

AC/DC Charger

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  • Clarke current transform
  • Park current transform
  • Decoupling and Flux Weakening
  • Inverse Park / Clarke voltage
  • Space Vector Modulation PWM
  • ID/IQ Regulations
  • Motor Speed Regulation
  • Tracking loop position estimator (Magnetic Resistive, Resolver and HALL Sensors)
  • Sensorless position estimation (Start-up/ Low-speed /High speed)
  • DC/DC Switching regulation
  • AC/DC Switching regulation

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  • Coordinate Rotation Digital Computer for complex trigonometric operators
  • Division operator
  • Square Root operator
  • Matrix Multiplier
  • Proportional Integral Derivate control loop feedback

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OLEA® LIB System Inverter Control Features

Complete Inverter Control function optimized for OLEA® T222 supporting PMSM or WRSM motors based on Field Oriented Control and Space Vector Modulation algorithms.

  • MATLAB / Simulink reference model
  • MATLAB / Simuling target model ready for code generation
  • Configurable parameters includes
    • Variable number of phases
    • Sensor or Sensor-less position estimation
    • Magnetic Resistive, Resolver or Quadrature Sensor Type support
  • Diagnostic functions

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OLEA® LIB Algorithm Features

Speed regulation Speed regulation with D/Q-Axis control:PI regulators with Anti Wind-up DQ-axis Reference current computation
Torque control Torque control with D/Q-Axis Reference current computation
Clarke Current 3 to 2 phases or 6 to 2 phases current transformation
Park Current 2 phases current rotation From ab to DQ framework
Inverse Park Voltage DQ framework reference voltage Transform into ab voltage space vector
Decoupling & Flux Weakening DQ-axis Decoupling and flux weakening
Regulation Id/Iq IDQ regulation from torque set point
Space Vector Modulation Space Vector Modulation
Position Estimation Position and speed estimation based on tracking-loop algorithm
Sensor-Less Position Est. Position and speed estimation: for standstill,Low speed and high speed operating mode

OLEA® LIB – System Multi-phase DCDC

  • Voltage control
  • Current balancing and phase shedding
  • Independent phase current control

OLEA® LIB Math Features

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