Field Programmable Control Unit (FPCU)
Where Hardware + Software beats Software Alone

Silicon Mobility has invented a new semiconductor architecture engineered specifically for electric and hybrid vehicles
unlocking true computing power and control: the Field Programmable Control Unit (FPCU).

FPCU is the solution to Safe Real-Time control


    A Patented embedded Flexible Hardware technology

  • Increasing the data processing of real-time critical functions.
  • Removing software bottlenecks with parallel and local processing.


    A Patented functional safety technology

  • Insuring dazzling fast system level faults detection, correction and containment ... in tens of nanosecond
  • Enabling safe execution of complex real-time algorithms.

“Is it a MCU? No, it is a FPCU”

Silicon Mobility technology is hardware and software flexible, and timing predictable.
Compared to conventional Multi-Core MCUs, FPCU is faster, safer and heats less.

By processing locally and in parallel the events controlling e-motors and batteries,

FPCU removes the software bottlenecks multiplying the performances by 40x while reducing the current consumption by a 180x,
FPCU provides a superior level of safety while accelerating the safety mechanisms and reducing the reaction time to faults,
from detection to containment or correction by 1000x

Energy Gain through Unique Algorithms Support

A +20%* energy gain on eMotor/Inverter, as only 80% of the energy is required for the same function per effect of Variable PWM Frequency & Stepped commands algorithms.
A +15%* energy gain on DC/DC, as only 85% of the energy is required for the same function per effect of Phase shedding with Independent control loop algorithms.
A +10%* energy gain on OBC, as only 90% of the energy is required for the same function per effect of Soft-Switching with Independent control loop algorithms.

*Simulation results, WLTP cycle. Energy gain: Difference in KWh of the energy required for the function using Silicon Mobility solution and the same function using conventional solution

Shorter Bill of Material with Less Heat and Better Quality and Durability

FPCU supports superior control with No external FPGA, DSP or ASIC
FPCU provides 50% reduction of the Bill of Material
FPCU requires less than 0.4 mW/KHz* so ~x125 less than a Multi-Core MCU

*Speed of the inverter control loop

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