functional safety acceleration unit for detecting, containing, correcting and protecting against system faults.
ISO 26262 ASIL-D compliant.

SILant®, Silicon Mobility’s wholly integrated ASIL-D functional safety technology, goes beyond Safety Element out of Context (SEooC)

ASIL-D at Application level:

  • Detects and correct fault not only at Hardware SEooC level but also at application in matter of tens of nanoseconds
  • Enables safe execution of complex real-time algorithms.

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SILant® is a superset of integrated functional safety technology

  • SILant® Core protects the core architecture and application execution from transient faults
  • SILant® Infrastructure protects the FPCU architecture for transient faults
  • SILant® Fault Manager collects faults and controls the fault correction reaction, with containment and correction
  • SILant® Sanity Checker protect the whole FPCU architecture from latent faults

SILant® Core

  • Asynchronous LockStep (ALS):
    Autonomous vectors verification in any order, at any moment and in any memory area, covering transient faults.
  • Execution Flow Control (EFC):
    Monitors and checks tasks and AFSM states transitions rules and timing.
  • Event Sequence Control (ESC):
    Monitors and checks defined sequences and timing of application-dependent events.

SILant® Infrastructure

  • Flash with SECDED ECC
  • Interconnect with multi-layer MPU, ECC on data, Parity on Address and Command
  • Safe clock (IRC)
  • Clock monitoring
  • FLU programming protections
  • Inputs/Outputs monitoring
  • Safe I/O (Safe state restore)
  • I/O monitoring with loopback
  • I/O supply LVD
  • Core supply HVD & LVD
  • Temperature monitoring

SILant® Fault Manager

  • Fault-signaling
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Configurable fault reactions with:
    • Group of Resets
    • Sub-system, peripherals & Global
    • Long – short duration
    • Safe clocks switch
    • Interrupt generations (Maskable & Non Maskable)
    • FLU reprogramming
  • 2-pins interfacing with SBC

SILant® Sanity Checker

  • Logic self
  • Memory BIST
  • ADC self test

SILant® comes with a complete safety work package

Safety Manuel

  • Safety Life Cycle
  • Safety architectures
  • Assumptions of usages
  • Safety analysis results
  • Traceability information

FMEDA dynamic tooling

  • FPCU partitioning for safety analysis
  • Dependent Failure analysis
  • Common Cause Failure (CCF) analysis report
  • Cascading Fault analysis report
  • SPFM, LPFM & PHFM Metrics calculation tool

SILant® in action : safe 6-phases wounded rotor synchronous motors control

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  • AMEC® FLU is hosting a sensorless space vector modulation the field-oriented control (FOC) of 6-phases permanent magnet synchronous motor using redundant PWMT and ADC.
  • Safe at Application Level
    • Event Sequence Checker monitors the correct execution of the FOC
    • Integrated Analog comparators detecting over current, over-voltage and short-circuit
  • SILant® Fault Manager for fast correction
    • Collecting in parallel hardware checkers status monitoring for errors. In case of error, the SILant® Fault Manager automatically switches I/O to safe state in a matter of nanoseconds
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