Hardware flexible, hard real-time and data processing unit for deterministic control of actuators and sensors. Automotive grade embedded programmable logic with data signal processing capabilities.

AMEC® is an embedded sub-system integrating several key functions

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  • FLU : Flexible Logic Unit, our safe programmable logic technology
  • SPU : Signal Processing Units
  • Math Unit : Mathematical / Trigonometric operations accelerator
  • PrP : Specialized configurable sensors / actuators interfaces
  • Trigger router : : Event triggers routing between FLU and PrP for automatic action/reaction chaining
  • I/O router : : Internal and external data and signals routing between blocks.
  • DPRAM : Shared memory between AMEC® and main system (CPU & DMA) for fast data exchange.

AMEC® FLU is featured to run demanding control algorithm in hard-real time environment

AMEC® FLU internal structure

Flexible Logic Unit (FLU)

  • Flash based programming
  • Matrix of Cluster Logic Blocs (combination of LUT4 and DFF)
  • ASIL-D programming
  • Fully or partially reprogrammable on the field
  • Fast setup time below 300 µs
  • Determinist & Parallel by construction

Signal Processing Unit (SPU)

  • Operators based on Multiply/Accumulate (MAC)
  • Speed-up IIR and FIR filters implementation

Mathematical Accelerator (Math Unit)

  • Cosinus / Sinus / Atan
  • Division / Square root

AMEC® PrP interacts with all kind of sensors and actuators

TEPE : Camshaft and crankshaft target detection for speed and position estimation

SPI : Serial Peripheral Interface

SENT : Single Edge Nibble Transmission Protocol Interface

PSI5 : Peripheral Sensor Interface

CAPTURE : Digital signal sampling and filtering

QUADRA : Quadrature encoder interface

PIO : General Purpose Input / Output

PWMT : Pulse Width Modulation and Timer

CWG : Complex Wave Generator for high precision pulses generation

ADC GM : Analog to Digital Converter Group Manager

AMEC® uses a standard flow for development and debug

From Model to HDL level

  • MathWorks® Matlab®, Simulink® and HDL Coder® support
  • Mentor Graphics & Synopsys HDL simulation tools support
  • AMEC model and HDL simulation environment available for fast development and tuning

From HDL to BitStream

  • Fully integrated flow based on Mentor Graphics Precision RTL EDA tooling
  • JTAG/SWD debug and trace

AMEC® in action : safe Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors control

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  • ISO 26262 ASIL-D SILant functional safety architecture (see SILant® page for detail)
  • Determinist software execution
  • Field Oriented Control with Space Vector Modulation execution in the AMEC® monitored by SILant®-ESC
  • Zero CPU load
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