OLEA® COMPOSER is a seamless development and calibration framework for best use of OLEA® technologies and H/W and S/W flexibility. Generate coherent and simultaneous .C and .HDL from Model to hardware for

  • Support all stages of the V design cycle : MIL, SIL and HIL
  • Support of the most popular design, simulation, debug and validation tooling
  • Support of automatic C and HDL code generation for OLEA®
  • Support of real-time variables / parameters debug and calibration in CPU and/or AMEC® FLU

OLEA® COMPOSER includes a set of toolboxs, tools, software and board simplifying developper's life! 

Depending on your design OLEA® COMPOSER products are available as standalone or bundle

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  • OLEA® COMPOSER - T222 Target Framework : Target Toolbox coupled with driven target code generation framework for MATLAB / Simulink

  • OLEA® COMPOSER - T222 Virtual Prototyping Model : System C model of OLEA® T222 for Software in the Loop simulation

  • OLEA® COMPOSER - T222 AMEC RTL Simulation Models: RTL model of AMEC® FLU interface of OLEA® for cycle accurate simulation and real-time tuning

  • OLEA® COMPOSER - AGILIS Precision RTL: Mentor Graphics’s based synthesis tool combined with AGILIS Place & Route tool for HDL to Bitstream generation

  • OLEA® COMPOSER - T222 MCAL: AUTOSAR 4.3 Compliant drivers for OLEA

  • OLEA® COMPOSER - T222 Starter Kit: OLEA® T222 Board + Low level software+ documentations

  • OLEA® COMPOSER - T222 Calibration Board: OLEA® T222 specific device for calibration of large amount of variables and parameters

  • OLEA® COMPOSER - T222 Board: Development board including OLEA® T222 in 176 or 144 pins version

  • OLEA® COMPOSER - Inverter Board: Inverter Starter Kit: Development board for a rapid inverter project jump start

OLEA® T222 Target Framework – Model in the Loop

Target Toolbox

Toolbox for MATLAB/SIMULINK including target models for fast and seamless reference model porting to OLEA® T222 with pre-defined CPU / AMEC communication protocol.

  • All AMEC®/FLU hardware resources available as target models (ADC, PWM, Timers, CWG, PIO)
  • Automatic generation of the CPU / AMEC communication link using embedding DPRAM resource
  • Definition of variables/parameters to be used for validation/calibration

Simultaneous C and HDL Automatic Code Generation

Simulation Environments – Software in the Loop

OLEA® T222 Virtual Prototype VDK

System C model of OLEA® T222 using Synopsys® Virtualizer Development Kit

Synopsys’s VDK view

Accurate Virtual Prototype

  • Transaction / Memory Map
  • Programming

Software development/validation

  • Boot / OS / AUTOSAR BSW
  • Complex Device Driver
  • Co-simulation with MATLAB SIMULINK

VDK ECU System Simulator

  • Early software development
  • H/W & S/W split & correlation
  • Fast simulation and debug

OLEA® T222 AMEC RTL Simulation Models

Register Transfer Level model of AMEC® FLU interface of OLEA® for cycle accurate simulation and real-time tuning

Mentor Graphics’s ModelSim PE view

Cycle Accurate AMEC RTL Model

  • AMEC
  • FLU I/F

RTL Simulation

  • Reference tests bench
  • Including CPU & DMA access
  • FLU design integration validation
  • Signal debug

Development Boards and Calibration – Hardware in the Loop

OLEA® T222 Starter Kit

Starter Kit are development boards packages Chip Support and Board Support Package software and Documentations for quick application design

OLEA® T222 Starter Kit

Calibration with OLEA® T222

OLEA® T222 and OLEA® T222 Target Framework includes the necessary hardware and software resources for real-time validation and calibration of parameters into CPU and/or AMEC® FLU

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OLEA® COMPOSER - T222 Inverter Starter Kit

Entire hardware platform for rapid application bring-up using OLEA Technologies including :

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