Save 10+% energy in OBC*

With OLEA® , only 90% of the energy will be required for the same function
Using soft-switching
Using independent control loop on each phase

*Simulation results, WLTP cycle. Energy gain: Difference in KWh of the energy required for the function using Silicon Mobility solution and the same function using conventional solution


Unlike conventional MCUs/DSPs based solutions, OLEA® achieves a significant energy saving on the OBC, DCDC and Inverter preventing transistor’s voltage and current signals to overlap in order to reduce switching losses, transistor heating and conduction losses. OLEA® enables accurate soft-switching limiting losses and related heating emission to deliver wide-bandgap performances whatever the power technology in use.

Soft-switching enables doubling of current rating to reduce transistor size and cost by a factor of 2
Soft-switching enables x5 switching frequency increase to extend the eMotor operating range reducing power losses and passive component size by up to 70%

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